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Looking to surprise someone with a personal touch? How about a cake with the perfect picture on top? And you can eat the picture too? Cool! Maybe a family portrait, a favorite cartoon character, a corporate logo, or a personalized image. Customize to your heart’s content and show a loved one you care.

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At Hot Buns Bakery we use edible ink and sugar paper that's 100% safe to eat. We can print your favorite family picture, soccer team logo, movie character, business emblem, or whatever you desire. We then work with you to design and create a cake that highlights your chosen picture.
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Not sure which cake to order? No problem. Browse our extensive portfolio of previously designed Sugar Paper Cakes. Use your picture or choose one of ours. Feel inspired by your creative genius. Questions? Great! We've got answers.
A Picture On A Cake Is Worth A Thousand Smiles
"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."
~Marc Riboud
The Only Limitation Is Our Imagination
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Have your heart set on a more traditional look? Perhaps a specialty cake with a cream decoration? We've got you covered with our Traditional & Specialty Cakes.