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Since opening its doors in 2004, Hot Buns Bakery has been designing and creating high quality bakery products to serve highly satisfied customers. Hot Buns continues to produce breads, cakes, and snacks perfect for any occasion.

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From small family gatherings to events with thousands of people, Hot Buns Bakery has a long and successful history of providing delicious value to groups of all sizes. We'll work with you side by side to select the right bakery products for your event and arrange them in attractive packaging. And guess what? We deliver too!

Have you noticed how some bakeries falsely promote bread and cake pictures that are not theirs? The pictures on their website or sign look too good to be true. They definitely do NOT resemble the products actually in the store. Well, it’s very likely the pictures you’re looking at don’t belong to the store you’re in. They were simply used to attract your attention. It’s just false advertising and what you see is NOT what you get.

Hot Buns Logo w words OVAL w Rim w Est, 250x b

At Hot Buns, we’re PROUD to say each and every bakery item displayed on our website IS of our OWN creation. We design the bakery product, create the bakery product, and take a picture. Authenticity IS the goal and at Hot Buns what you see IS what you get. It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing.

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We provide food that customers love, day after day after day. People just want more of it.
~Ray Kroc
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Hot Buns Bakery is a family-owned and family-run business. We get great enjoyment from providing value to our customers and their families. As we continue to produce top quality breads, cakes, bolu, kue basah, and snacks we look forward to bringing a smile to your face and a grin to your soul.

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